Various Tips for Taking Your Dog On A Vacation

Various Tips for Taking Your Dog On A Vacation

Dog vacation tips are worth serious consideration so that the next time a pet owner travels with Fido both he and his beloved canine have a hassle and stress-free vacation that both of them can enjoy. When leaving the family dog behind isn’t an option, it pays to be prepared prior to journeying or going on a holiday with the entire family along with the pet dog. These days it’s not uncommon for loving pet owners to travel on land, air or sea with man’s best friend, but if bringing the dog along on a vacation seems like a daunting task certain useful tips may help in ensuring a safe and fun trip for both a dog and his owner. Without further adieu, here are dog vacation tips that every pet owner can benefit from.

If a dog readily adapts to changing circumstances, is well behaved, obedient and generally clean and polite even to non-threatening strangers, then these are promising signs that Fido can be fit for travel and the outdoors, where he is likely to come across people that won’t mean any harm to him or his owner. It’s also important to make sure that a dog isn’t in poor health or sick—and thus unfit to journey—before embarking on a trip. It will also make sense to plan a vacation or holiday that both humans and animals—in this case, a dog—can enjoy. The entire family plus Fido can have a good time camping in the wilderness or by a lake since camping grounds are generally dog-friendly and camp trails are perfect for exercising with Fido on a leash.

There are many dog-friendly vacation destinations these days and the only difficulty pet owners will have is choosing where to go.  How to get there is the next matter than needs to be resolved, and with vehicular travel the most immediate form of transportation for families and their pets, it’s no wonder that the number of pets traveling with their owners in vehicles jumped by as much as 300% since 2005. The first rule when traveling inside a car, truck, or minivan is safety—and this starts by buckling up, even Fido. For the safety of a pet dog during vehicular travel, he should stay comfortable inside a dog car, dog carrier, or their owner buckle them in using a travel harness. Safety belts in general reduce the risk of devastating injury or fatal death in the event of a vehicular accident, so it’s better for everyone inside to wear their seat belt, including the dog.

A rule of thumb helpful to be successful in taking your dog on a vacation is to imagine the pet pooch as human child. There are many similarities between a dog and a small child while traveling on the road, which is why it’s also advisable to have a dog stay secured in the backseat where they’re unlikely to get harmed by an airbag deploying in the event of a sudden spill. In addition, a pet owner should never leave their dog unattended inside their vehicle, especially during summer when temperatures can surge and a dog trapped inside a car can suffer or die from heat stroke. An innocent dog succumbing to heat stroke inside a vehicle is as real a danger as infant death due to heat exhaustion.

Summertime is the perfect season to go on a family vacation, and swimming is a great option for a fun holiday that both humans and canines can enjoy. Although a majority of dogs can swim, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Strapping a dog with a canine life vest is a good idea since a doggie life jacket provides buoyancy and more visibility for a dog especially if he accidentally falls into deep waters. Getting in a pool or lake is normally a cinch, but sometimes even dogs can find getting out of water challenging and even daunting—to assure him that there’s no need to worry, steps or a ramp next to a pool or a lake allows a beloved pooch to have easy accessibility of solid ground. Last but not the least, exposed areas of a dog—like his nose or inner ears—can burn under the sun, so applying sunscreen formulated for dogs is also recommended.

It’s always easier to just leave a dog back home at the care of a sitter or the neighborhood kennel, but dogs like humans deserve a break too. Going on an out-of-town getaway can sometimes be more fun when the family pet comes along. It’s just a matter of being adequately prepared for a memorable vacation that involves taking into consideration dog vacation tips in the holiday plans.

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