How to Assert Dominance on Dogs

How to Assert Dominance on Dogs

Are you having a dog behavior problems? Asserting authority on your dog and make it behave well is very important. But some people are very hesitant to do this because they think that they cannot take the hardship that they will experience in the training. You should not hesitate in teaching your dog to follow you especially in doing the right thing. Dogs should know that you are the boss and should not be bossing you around instead.

Not only one person should know how to assert authority on dogs but also the other members of the family. Even puppies should have this training too. The younger you teach them to cooperate with you, the better they will respond to your commands. You don’t need to worry like “He is just 3 months old. He is too young for that training.” Dogs need to have structure in their lives that is why they also need to feel a sense of track and steadiness. It is like being a mother that needs to discipline their kids by the time they were born. Therefore, it’s a natural practice to assert dominance on dogs.

You need to establish yourself as the leader of the pack. It will be helpful in training to assert authority on dogs. They are pack animals in nature that is why you need to act as the leader for them to follow and respect you. It will give them a sense of direction. Of course, you don’t need to be abusive in training your dogs because it will just give a negative impact to them. Treat and respect them properly and you will get the same in return. Here are some tips on how to dominate over your dog.

Voice – You should have an even tone that they can get used to. It is important because it will be the key in sending signals to orient them that you are making a pack arrangement. Different kinds of tone let them feel the emotion that you are feeling. That is why it is important that you should be careful in giving them the tone so that they will not sense anger, excitement, and other more. This can send a signal that they may like or dislike.

Eye contact – It is another way of sending signals to your dogs. It will let them feel that you are really focused and determined to be the leader of the pack. It will also send signal to your dogs that you are watching their move and create an authority.

Touch – It is considered as a powerful signal. If you touch your dog with proper handling especially on the part of their neck, paws, and belly, it will remind them that you are the boss. The touch can be meaningful in many ways and if you have placed an energy or pressure to the part of their body, it will send a signal on what they should do or if they really should follow you.

Position – It is important that you maintain a governing position. It is like telling your dog that you’re off limits in certain areas of the house. This will discipline them not to enter or go behind your back. It sets as good boundaries and lets them understand that you are the boss.

Attention – It is a must that you should sometimes have limitations in giving attention to them like treating them like a baby. It is okay to give a gentle praise but it should not be exaggerated to maintain their position and will still follow your lead.

Your dog will understand everything if you have asserted an authority in proper way. You should be firm with your actions but gentle because this will truly help on asserting authority on dogs. Show them who’s the real boss but with tender and loving care.

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