Pomeranian Hair Loss Causes and Treatments

Pomeranian Hair Loss Causes and Treatments

Pomeranian dogs are known to be lively and intelligent breed of dogs. These dogs can live a life of up to 12 to 16 years if well taken cared by its owner. Pomeranian dogs are great companions because they can give you great fun and entertainment. This breed of dog is included in the top popular dogs in the United Stated and was tagged as a toy dog due to its small body size. This breed of dog may be popular, but like other dogs, they also experience certain diseases. And the common disease condition experienced by Pomeranian dogs is hair loss problems.

Pomeranian hair loss causes

Pomeranian dogs are known for their thick and long hair, but they can actually loss them through various causes.  Hair loss is caused by their age, alopecia, pests, pregnancy, hormonal changes, or can be from allergies. The age of the dog greatly contributes to the Pomeranian hair loss. The Pomeranian dog normally develop hair loss when they reach six months of age, which is a normal process wherein they develop adult coat. While alopecia is a disease condition that is characterized by patchy hair loss with discoloration on the dog’s coat, this can be disturbing and needs medical attention. Pests, on the other hand are not healthy for pet dogs. They can cause various skin problems to your pets. Pests need to be eliminated as soon as possible.

Another cause of Pomeranian hair loss would be hormonal changes or known as the Adrenal Sex Hormones Dermatosis. This can be characterized by hair loss on the neck area of the dog. Pregnancy and lactation stage of female Pomeranian dogs can contribute to hair loss as well. This can also be caused by the changes in the hormone of the female Pomeranian dog. And lastly, allergies can also cause Pomeranian hair loss. Wheat and corn are food items that may cause Pomeranian dogs’ allergy, which then leads to hair loss. Furthermore, there are some dog shampoos that can cause irritation and allergies as well.

Pomeranian hair loss treatment

Pomeranian hair loss can be treated in various ways. But if the cause of the hair loss is a natural occurring phenomenon such as changing to adult coat or pregnancy of your pets, these don’t need any medications. It is important to remember that treatment of the Pomeranian hair loss does depend on the hair loss cause. For pests, the Pomeranian dog needs to be seen by a veterinary doctor, and needs to have a shampoo that could eliminate the pests. If hair loss is due to allergies, it is essential to eliminate those factors that cause the allergy or irritation. You may need to change your pets’ diet or change the shampoo of your dog but remember that it is still best to consult your veterinary doctor before instituting any treatment. Alopecia on the other hand is a more serious condition. It is a condition known as the Black Skin Disease. The hair loss can be treated by using dog shampoos that contain Benadryl, which reduces itching and scaling, that can further worsen the problem. Some alopecia may heal spontaneously while there are some that needs to have further evaluation such as skin biopsy of the dog.

Pomeranian hair loss can be treated. Just remember that it is important to visit your veterinarian in order to know which treatment would be best for your pet.

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