Pomeranian Hair Loss – Facts You Didn’t Know

Pomeranian Hair Loss – Facts You Didn’t Know

Pomeranians are very lively, playful and intelligent. They are commonly known as lap dogs and are in the same family tree as the Spitz type breeds. They are expected to live from 12 to 16 years if cared for properly. They are great for entertainment and fun, and are regarded more as a companion than a pet. However, they also suffer from diseases that may cut their life short!

Pomeranian hair loss is common, and one who owns a Pomeranian is well aware of this problem. Since they sport a very long hair, it is not surprising that this type of dog will suffer from hair loss from time to time.

Aside from hair loss, these breed also suffer from other health problems such as hypothyroidism, patent ductus arterious, orthopedic problems, eye problems, collapsed trachea, kidney disease, dental problems, seizure disorders and severe hair loss syndrome.

Do you have a Pomeranian? Then prepare for a lot of shedding! Pomeranians may suffer from severe hair loss syndrome (SHS) which is manifested by coat loss and are more prevalent in male Pomeranians. It is also known as the Black Skin Disease.

Pomeranian hair loss is also common in pups. The shedding of their hair is normal from eight to ten months of age so that they can have their adult coat. Other causes of Pomeranian hair loss include allergies. It may be due to corn, wheat and dog shampoo. A mere change in the dog’s diet, exercise and dog shampoo should remedy this problem quickly.

Nursing and pregnant Pomeranians also suffer from temporary hair loss and usually recover after a few months. Mange, dandruff mites and lice can also contribute to Pomeranian hair loss. Your dog’s vet should be able to solve the problem by prescribing the right shampoo that will eliminate the pests and one that will not cause any allergy or irritation.

Pomeranians suffer from diseases such as Alopecia (Black Skin Disease) and Adrenal Sex Hormone Responsive Dermatosis which manifests Pomeranian hair loss along the tail, neck or back legs. If this is the case then it is best to have your pet checked by your veterinarian to have proper diagnosis and treatment.

One of the things recommended to combat hair loss in Pomeranians is Benadryl. It has been proven to be effective against allergies and dog mites. With the right dosage and administration, itching and hair loss can be cured. Since Pomeranians are small, only a small amount of dosage will be required.

Since your dog will itch less, your Pomeranian will no longer need to scratch itself. However, this can only be effective if the hair loss is caused by itching. If it is disease related or those caused by hormonal imbalance then it is best to pay your vet a visit.

If you think that your pet is in trouble of shedding all of its hair then it is important that you seek medical assistance. Your pet’s welfare is important so getting your vet’s diagnosis will help your Pomeranian. Do this and expect long, happy and entertaining years with your little pet.

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