Shaving Your Cute Pup in 7 Steps

Shaving Your Cute Pup in 7 Steps

Imagine that you are lounging around on your favorite couch and find dog fur all over your beautiful furniture – That’s right! Dog fur everywhere.  You look at your cute pooch and you see a trail of dog fur on the floor.  You clean it one minute and find even more fur the next.  Are you experiencing this same scenario?  Are you tired of constantly cleaning after shedding pooch?  Well I am.  So I shaved my cute pup the right way and now I am going to tell you how!

You might have a different reason than mine for giving your pup a trim.  You might want to shave your dog because you think he’s a mess or because he feels hot.  The problem is that you are too scared to do so.  Not to worry my dear dog owners.  You can shave your pet just as I did.  Here’s how to do it.

  1. Gather your materials.  Make sure that your clippers are specially made for dogs.  Why?  The reason is that your dog’s hair is different from yours.  Using human clippers for your dog will only damage his fur.  So take note of this.
  2. Pick a good spot for grooming your pup. You can choose a table or the floor.  Choose whatever area you are most comfortable with.  Most people use a table for this purpose.  Ask someone to hold the collar of your dog so he does not move too much while you are grooming him.
  3. Face first. Pick the No. 10 blade and attach it to the pet clipper.  Shave the fur between your pup’s eyes and ears.  Do this slowly and keep a steady hand to avoid any accidents.  You can calm your dog if he moves a lot.

He might be scared of the procedure so give him something to take his attention off the clippers.  When he becomes calm and relaxed, you can proceed with the shaving.  Don’t shave too close to the eyes.  Leave at least 1 inch from the eyes.

  1. Underarm next. Lift your pup’s legs to reveal the underarm.  Gently tug the fur and slowly shave it.  Again, be careful.  You might injure your hand or the pup so do this with extreme care.  Proceed to the area under the dog’s tail.  This is important since some of their stool gets stuck in on the fur.  I’m assuming that you already bathed your dog before shaving so this will not be a problem when you shave your dog.
  2. Pick another blade. This time, use a longer one to shave off the fur from the body.  Begin on the head, then the back, and then each side.  Be careful when you are shaving the belly area because it is sensitive.
  3. Check your clippers. Sometimes, clippers overheat most especially if the fur is thick.  Check the clipper’s heat from time to time, to avoid overheating and burning.  Turn off the clipper immediately if it becomes too hot and wait for about 15 minutes.  Continue when the clippers have cooled.
  4. Take a break from time to time. If shaving becomes stressful for you and your dog, stop.  This will keep you and your dog from being strained and stressed out.  If the dog becomes too stressed, he will not want to be shaved the next time so make this experience less traumatic for him.  Talk to him often to make him feel comfortable.

As soon as you are done with the shaving, give your doggie a treat.  He will think that this is a reward for being obedient and being behaved all throughout the shave.

So what are you waiting for?  Go get your pet clippers and shave your dog right away!

Author’s bio: Marcy Gray is a dog lover who also writes about various topics such as Removing Skin Tags Yourself and Fat Loss 4 Idiots Diet.

Image by sue_r_b.

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