The Top 10 Best Dog Underbites Of All Time

The Top 10 Best Dog Underbites Of All Time

Underbites and overbites in dogs takes place when the upper and lower incisors form and meet. With dogs that have underbites, it means they have their lower incisors jaunted out past the upper ones. There are several ways underbites can occur in dogs. One such example is when the adult teeth in puppies in the lower jaw grow faster than the upper jaw, causing the lower jaw to protrude further out. At around ten months, which varies by a breed of dog, the jaws stops growing, and if the upper jaw does not catch up, it creates an underbite. Underbites, also called brachygnathism, are characteristic of bulldogs, pugs, and other similar breeds. These are the top ten dogs with their underbites.

1. The bulldog, named Kirby, has a very nice set of underbite, showing impressive teeth. It is sure to scare off any would-be robbers at night if they attempted to burglarize his house.

2. A cute little white dog named Nora likes to show her underbite instead of barking when she finds something displeasing. For example, she sees her owner putting down yet another dish of dry dog food when she clearly wants a fancy feast the fancy cats like to eat.

3. The dog, which appears to be at least part bulldog, has a nice set of canine incisors that almost look like a saber-tooth’s. Fat Lenny, the dog’s name, will scare away any ideas about robbing the owner of its wallet. No one wants his teeth into his flesh.

4. This cute adorable lab’s name is Squinty, and he lives in Chaudi, Goa, India. Squinty does not show any incisors with his underbite and only shows front teeth pulled over his upper lip.

5. Another bulldog with an underbite. He looks utterly sad because the owner has stuck him in his “jail” for a time-out.

6. Rawwrugghrrr. Chewbacca’s cousin? It’s a possibility. This dog has a small underbite that does not show any canine incisors.

7. A mini-pit named Dolly with an underbite which has an adorable looking teeth with incisors peeking through her lips. Who could possibly resist her eyes with that mouth?

8. Tracker Park dog in her costume for the Schurz Park Halloween Howl in 2009. This dog has an underbite that could be used to pop open those beer cans. Who needs fingers, anyway?

9. This little cute dog named Cricket has a cute underbite, and if I am not mistaken, is telling the owner to put the camera away with her growling and showing off her mean teeth. Or maybe Cricket is just trying to become a supermodel, looking gorgeous with her half-smile.

10. Last, but not the least, this small dog is showing off his teeth, and you can clearly see his incisors. A sign to tell the strangers to back off his family or they will get it.

Honorable Mention

There are so many more cute dogs with underbites out there, and this dog, too, deserves recognition.

This perky little dog is waiting for the owner to throw him a ball so he can play fetch with his underbite-mouth.


Peter Wendt is a Texas writer and dog lover. While underbites may be cute on four legged friends, Wendt recommends those humans with underbites check out this Houston Orthodontist.

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